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We will work through the process to incorporate your business as a Federal or a Provincial Corporation with all operational licenses, articles of incorporation, and organizational minute.

We provide complete business set-up services including incorporate your business as an Federal or a Provincial Corporation in any part of Canada, that include but are not limited to, the procedures for all operational licenses, a full analysis on which type of entity would be best for your type of business, and the corporate binder which will include stock certificates, the corporate seal, articles of incorporation, by-laws, and organizational minutes.

Name and Business Registration

Choosing the right business name and structure play an important role in the success of business. We can help you choosing a distinctive Business Name to stand out from your competitor and selecting following appropriate business structure which suit you business needs and maximize legal tax saving.

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation

We can process your Business Registration Online (BRO) and getting approval of Master Business License (For Sole Proprietorship and Partnership) and Articles of Incorporation if you choose to incorporate your business.

Registration with CRA

We can also help you in obtaining Business Number (BN) and four major Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Program Accounts;

  • Corporation Income TaxMust file annual Corporation Tax Return (T2) even if Business income is nil.
  • GST/HSTYou have to register for HST if your business generates $30,000 annual taxable sales.
  • PayrollMust register for Payroll Account if you have employees.
  • Import ExportIf you are planning to trade with other countries.

Starting a Business

Operating your own business and being your own boss requires expert knowledge, insights and sound decision making. We are here to assist you in running success business operation by providing following services to new business.

  • WSIBRegistration of an account with WSIB if you are going to have employees.
  • Business PlanDevelop detail business Plan including projected income Statements and Balance Sheet.
  • Hiring & Managing StaffProvide information on hiring procedures, pay and benefits and Labour Standards.
  • Applying Other Benefit Evaluate your eligibility to apply grants and financing as a new business owner.

Changes to Business

Are you thinking of making changes to your corporate information. We are here to provide you with an expert advice and filling appropriate documents and obtaining approval relating to some but not limited to following changes to your business:

  • Change of Owner or director
  • Account adding and closing to your Business Number (BN)
  • Bringing assets into a business
  • Branches, division and more locations opening
  • Business Activity change in
  • Buying a business
  • Death or retirement of owner, partner or director
  • Year end, change of fiscal year

In addition to that, we can also assist changing the legal ownership or restructure or reorganization or amalgamation of business including the following:

  • Sole Proprietorship to Corporation
  • Sole Proprietorship to Partnership
  • Partnership to Corporation
  • Partnership to Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership to limited Partnership
  • Corporation to Sole Proprietorship
  • Corporation to Partnership
  • Two or more corporations amalgamate to create a new corporation

Winding up Business

A number of things involve in closing a business other than just telling closing date to your customers, employees and other stakeholders. We provide you following services to officially closing of your business;

  • Labour StandardsEnsure compliance with employee’s provincial labour standards.
  • Record of Employment (ROI)Prepare ROI for each former employee.
  • T4 and T4AComplete and file T4 and T4A slips and summaries and send those to CRA.
  • Final Corporate Tax ReturnCalculate and submit to CRA final return of Closing Corporation.
  • Close Business numberFile appropriate forms to close business number and all CRA accounts.